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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Under a Postively Brilliant Blue Sky, Face 7

Under a positively brilliant blue sky with a temperature of -26 degrees Celsius, I venture out to enjoy a frosty, glittery wonderland.  I feel like I am inside a snow globe, sparkles cascading and dancing around me as the sun smiles through the brisk wintry air.

Journey down the path with me to meet a friendly face.  It is time to see some natural faces. Do you see the face in this frost kissed horse hair?

Meet our newest horse,Weebit. Why Weebit?  It's the name he came to us with.

What a head of hair!

 It is said that the eyes of a horse help us look into his soul.

Weebit's breath freezes dramatically in the morning air.

Deep in thought, Weebit pauses briefly in between his morning feeding frenzy.

So curious, he keeps gazing at me, trying to figure out what I am doing. The longer he lives with us, the more he will learn that I often hang around with a black box in front of my face.  Horses are so beautiful and smart.

With ice hanging on his eyelashes, he patiently poses for me. So far Weebit has a very gentle temperament and loves to be petted and hugged even when he is eating.

Let's  venture off to the rest of my yard to see if we can discover more faces.  Through my front garden will be our next stop, let's pause to photograph the bearded old man in my frost faced pine tree.

Now let's head back to the field, the frost is beginning to really sparkle, wait what is that?  A face? 

Oh, darn, my baby (Canon camera) decides it doesn't like cold weather. An error code 99 appears on my screen.  Our journey abruptly ends here, I will need to take my baby inside, and wrap it in a towel to warm her up and place in the cozy warm sun in my front room. 

 Come in for breakfast and a cup of tea!

My camera is still pouting about being outside in the cold.  I hope it forgives me, or I may have to take it to get serviced.   

It is still so very beautiful under the positively brilliant blue sky, I am anxious to return outside to photograph more faces this afternoon.  It has been two hours since my baby came in from the cold and she still refuses to work, I may have to take out my iPhone.

Happy Sunday!


  1. What a great post Renee! I see what you mean by "storey telling". I was engrossed as we travelled around your yard looking for faces and spending time with beautiful Weebit, which is a cool name, by the way. Sorry to hear your camera is ill. Hope she comes back soon. I would love to see more faces in the frost. Have a great day and thank you for your comments on my blog which are always greatly appreciated.

    1. As soon as I figure out the camera problem, and there is another frosty morning, I will be sure to post more faces! I appreciate your comments. Thanks, Ross!

  2. I also enjoy frosty mornings! With that temperature, it will most likely stay all day.

    Congrats on your new friend, so sweet!

    Fun idea about your dash of flower light in the eye of my gal.
    Lovely week to you Renee~

  3. Some really great photography here! should try out our photography group on facebook...lots of fun and learning.

    1. Maybe I will try out the group. What is the link?


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