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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Release, Positively A One Word Mantra, Face 26

Today's lesson with Kelly-Rae Roberts is to create a one word mantra for the year.  Instead of creating a resolution for the year, which usually feels like a to-do list, a one word mantra for the year is to be a permission slip.  You giving permission to yourself to do something for the year.  I came up with a whole list of possible mantras, but while I was reading other people's mantras, I came across the world "Release". Release the negativity, those voices I always hear keeping me awake at night, or the voices controlling me to stay in bed instead of embracing the day, the doubt, the guilt, the past, the mistakes... by doing this, I will be released and be free to do all that I want to do and be in life.

I drew my hand releasing the word release.  The further away the letters get away from me, the further the letters are from the word release each, symbolizing releasing or freeing up my soul.  Freedom stays in my hands, both literally and figuratively.  I am control of my own freedom and am able to hang on to that.

I decided to personify the things that most plague my thoughts.  The faces are simple gestures, even though when the little gremlins appear, they seem complex.  It takes so much energy and thought holding onto the gremlins and there comes a time when one has to tell one's self, let it go...release it and move on....freedom is positively in your own hands!


  1. I do admire this very deep image and the thoughts that prompted it. Lovely painting, and I think you are on the right track. There is only one life and we only live in the moment, so to let the gremlins win is such a waste. I like your approach of releasing rather than shutting the door on them.

  2. Terrific explanation of your thoughts behind the artwork. Annette x

  3. This is a wonderful post - You've chosen a powerful word and illustrated it beautifully!

  4. Great use of symbolism Renee! I love how you illustrated what goes on in your mind...

  5. such a lovely way to find vision and cast wishes ~


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