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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Positively Be...My Mantra, Face 25

Well, today is day two for participating in an on-line art course with Kelly-Rae Roberts.  Our assignment today is to pick two people who we admire and list the reasons why I admire them.   One person I chose is an artist that I know (she is my first blog follower and one of my art teachers, I am sure you know who you are) and another is Leonardo da Vinci.  Some words that are in common in both of the lists are words like brave, curious, dedicated, passionate, so I used them to create a mantra...Be....

The face in this picture unfortunately looks nothing like the real artist I admire, I started out trying though, but I just couldn't put it on the turned out more of a caricature, and you know, that one last stroke and... it was ruined, so I changed the face!   Even though the face was a disappointment, one day it will come...
I sure was thinking about her as I was creating this face and mantra...Positively Be...


  1. Terrific Mantra Renee and love your new piece. Annette x

  2. Lovely face, and I also love the composition of this ....

  3. this turned out lovely
    and inspiring
    i love how we can paint over something and start anew


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