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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Positively Following the Unpaved Path, Face 6

Today I purchased some new products in preparation for my up and coming on-line art course with Kelly-Rae Roberts!  I am so excited!  I took the plunge and bought the expensive gel medium (glossy)...I love it, it dries so much harder and faster than the inexpensive recipe I have been concocting with white glue and water mixture.  I also purchased a new Pitt pen, some scrap booking papers and some stencils, so I just had to try them out in my new journal.  Misty spray ink helped me to add the stencil to my watercolour background.

I also used some old atlases, stamps and a ticket from one of Canada's leading folk singers, Gordon Lightfoot concert my family attended three summers ago.  I have enjoyed his music for many years, often play his music at school when studying Canadian history, and I admire his courage to keep on sharing his music even though he is aging and has had a rough journey.

At the concert, there was a loaded jerk in the audience who kept yelling out insults. After a while I couldn't take it anymore and spoke to an usher.  The man was insulting a Canadian legend. He was on the floor seats, so he had very special and expensive tickets, and obviously, he received the tickets from someone else and clearly was not a fan. Anyone who knows about Gordon Lightfoot knows he is a storyteller and would not expect him to be playing and singing many upbeat, foot stomping songs.  It takes so much courage to share one's art in front of people, regardless of how long one has been on the path of producing art, I felt I needed to be an advocate for him.

Before the usher made it to the floor, someone yelled at the man to knock it off, and the floor ushers were headed towards him.  The man yelled out that he felt like he was at a funeral and that Gordon Lightfoot sucked.   Thankfully, he was eventually escorted out.  He continued to yell all the way out.

When he left, everyone applauded and Gordon continued on by making a good sport comment, and sang all of our favourite songs.  I had tears in my eyes, I couldn't believe I was able to listen to this legend's music live and in peace! I hope that when I am his age, I am still courageous to journey down the art path and share my art!

The hearts on the page were remnants of the hearts I cut last February out of old atlases. The pastel colours are so lovely and fresh.  I also used sequin waste as a stencil and fluid acrylic paint (also a new purchase) and gesso.  My favourite new white gel pen, helped to add light and small details.  

Finally, I used old fortune cookie messages that connect to my goals and journey for art, "Focus on your long term goal.  Success is soon yours!" and "Explore an unpaved path with a new friend."  My new friends are fellow bloggers who have been encouraging me to share my art, photography and writing and in return, they have been sharing their art and photography techniques with me..Thanks for the positive encouragement down my unpaved art path!


  1. The pastel colours are light and romantic, I really like the way you stand up so strongly for what you believe in and voice so readily what is wrong in the world, I remember having a similar theatre experience with two people who spoilt the show for all those around them, despite complaints they were not escorted out. It does amaze me how individuals can be so selfish and stop the enjoyment of others and as you say disrespect the artist that is doing there best to entertain.
    Have fun with your acrylic medium, :)

  2. I have encountered selfishness so many times at concerts. It makes my blood boil. It is so hard to actually get tickets to the events and when we do, we have to pay good money for the tickets. We wait for months in anticipation for the concert and when it finally arrives, we have to listen to people we wouldn't ever want to hear...grrrr.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Both beautiful pages and love your new face Renee. Annette x

  4. Truly beautiful! I really love what you've done here. So wonderful!

  5. Your journalpages are wonderful. Looks like you'll be having fun with Kelly-Rae's workshop!

  6. Thank you everyone for the kind words!


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