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Thursday, February 6, 2014

She Positively Loved Those Christmas Cookies, Face 4

Face number 4 is a tribute to the child in all of us who can't resist those homemade Christmas cookies lovingly decorated with sugary white icing and crunchy red sprinkles!  My mom and dad bake and bake and bake at Christmas, and we ALL devour the cookies each year!

A friend of mine has figured out a sure fire way to make her cookies last longer than a day, and past Christmas.  She hides them in her BBQ outside!  In Canada, on the prairies in winter, that makes perfect sense!  Cookies are awesome frozen too!  Who would have guessed? Her family sure hasn't.  She just has to be careful that her neighbours don't catch her sneaking out for a snack.  I am sure they wouldn't be able to resist the temptation once they have discovered her secret hiding place!

I am not so sure I would try this out in the country on our acreage.  We have all kinds of clever, cunning wildlife that would be conniving enough to figure out how to maneuver open the BBQ lid and bust through the cookie container.

Right now we have a little war in our versus mice!  GRRRRRR! We have emptied every cardboard box of food into plastic bins, but surprise, mice can chew through plastic too!

My son caught two mice the other day by figuring out mice have a sweet tooth and enjoy candy.  Hey, I just thought of was right around the time that my mom brought Christmas cookies out to our place, that we suddenly had mice in the house.  Maybe cookies are like the pied piper?  If I put cookies with candies in my BBQ, perhaps the mice will leave the house and go to the BBQ...hmmmm.  I wonder how our barn cats would like their mice...medium well, well done...

I love nature, don't get me wrong, but this mice war has to stop before they eat every wall in the house and we are left with nothing but a house of sticks!  I positively loves those Christmas cookies, but I love having walls in my house more!  Maybe I will have to see where Mom and Dad are hiding those leftover Christmas cookies and sacrifice a few for the good of the house!  Who knows, maybe they are using their BBQ too?!

Here is a salute to the child in all of us!

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  1. Awwh this is such a sweet piece, and as for mice, well I know what you mean, I have had problems with the pesky things recently. I really don't like harming any animal but even I realise that they have to move outside, I use those humane traps so they can be taken out to new surroundings :) I think it is the cold wet weather, no wonder they want to find somewhere warm.


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