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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Positively Grateful For Winter, Face 27

Face 27, created using Paper53, an app on my iPad, is positively grateful for Winter, because Winter helps her to be reflective about her spring garden.  As the chilling Arctic north wind groans through every door, every window, every vent, threatening to bring snow and blanket her precious earth, that is patiently awaiting the loving care she gives each season, she becomes grateful for winter, as she is sure that Winter was created to help us appreciate Spring!  Thanks, Winter!


  1. I like the positive and hopeful feeling of the post, the text and the peaceful, confident face. Makes a great combination. With the daffodils and crocuses flowering in the garden, and the shrubs putting out tiny leaves the promise of spring coming lifts my heart.

  2. yes, winter does give time to inspire growth and growing
    i have been thinking of what to plant as well. A tree, herbs and flowers ~
    such a charming piece.

  3. It's been a LONG winter and I am ready for Spring to burst threw the front doors! I guess its true ... we can't appreciate Spring unless we've endured Winter! Such a kind face with beautiful, dreamy spring tones!


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