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Monday, February 3, 2014

Rainbows are Positively Flowing From My Heart, Face 1

I made a commitment a few years ago to make art part of my life, to make time for it, whether it be creating it, taking myself to an art gallery, participating in art workshops and conferences, reading books and magazines about art, even dreaming about what I will do next.

Partaking in an art conference October was the turning point for me, being surrounded by like minded people who live for the arts, inspired me to buckle down and totally commit to art.  Since then, I have had projects on the go and feel especially pleased with myself for making art a priority.  I feel like rainbows are flowing from my heart because I am so excited each day to fly home after work to return to my art projects.  It is so exhilarating to have so many things to try.  This week I finished a piece, which I posted yesterday, and I started two more abstract paintings.  I also made time to draw a face for the 29 Faces of February.  Today is day one.  I have participated before, and it was so much fun, and required a lot of discipline.  The idea is to create every day and post it on line.  I know I sure have improved since the first time I participated in the challenge.  It is also a great way to meet other artists.  I have met many interesting, like minded people who are willing to encourage instead of discourage, and we have become regular visitors of each others' blogs.  It is so interesting to see art from around the world, and to meet new people.

This face was inspired by a song my grandpa used to love to listen to and sing.  I was brainstorming ideas for what I could do with the lyrics.  I imagined drawing my grandpa, but instead ended up drawing a female, exuding happiness and a rainbow, even though it is in the middle of winter.  Our sunsets here on the prairie have resembled rainbows lately, and I have felt extremely proud for dedicating my time to art and feel like a rainbow, all colourful and having something to say both in my art and writing.

Through this 29 Faces of February, I hope to learn how to draw faces in proportion, draw faces faster, try different medium and learn to stop.  Last night I had this face all done, and decided to add a finishing touch.  Bad idea!  It wrecked the face.  I painted gesso over the mess and made a bigger mess.  I decided to go to bed and try again tonight.  I was able to peel the gesso mess off and start again.  Once again, after three hours of fiddling, I messed up again. Grrrr!  So before I wreck the entire page in my new journal, I am declaring this a learning lesson and this is considered done.  Face 1.


  1. Hope the challenge helps you with your 'enough is enough' problem. Love your little journal and your faces, and charming verse.

    1. Thank you, Lynda. I am glad to meet you!


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