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Friday, February 28, 2014

Positively Sisters, Faces 28 and 29

Sisters,  one thing that I have noticed during the past month participating in 29 Faces of February, Paint Party Friday, and now, the Kelly -Rae Roberts workshop, is that although we all come from different places and different cultures around the world, we are all trying to achieve satisfaction in our lives and art.  We all have a deep connection and can empathize with each other and we support each other like sisters.

This little clay pot is a tribute to our sisterhood.   Perhaps with our art, we can show the warmongers, that we are more similar than different and that after thousands of years of hostility and fighting in this world, it is time to stop!

We need to band together because we all have the same needs, similar wants and desires regardless of where we live.

Here is to our positively artistic sisterhood!

 May our sisterhood bring peace and understanding around the world.


  1. such a heart felt post and piece of art!
    I love and agree with your thoughts. we all do have the same basic needs and then there is companionship and love that are so important. This piece touches my heart.

  2. Thanks, Tammie Lee! Your comment means a lot to me!

  3. This is a beautiful post Renee. I seem to have touched on several similar today in my internet travels. Dreama Tolle Perry had a couple of doozies. I'm sitting in Starbucks with tears in my eyes. Others nearby wonder why i think. I loved what you shared here and the clay sculpture to go with it is just perfect. I have to ask though, can brothers be included? Perhaps not, as i think "men" are the cause of so much pain and suffering in this world. I am sometimes ashamed to be one. We need to learn from our 'sisters". The world would be a better, kinder, safer place. Thank you for your great post on my blog Renee. I wrote a response there for you. Have a wonderful art filled day. I am off to paint a beautiful purple cow! :)

    1. Ross, I had brotherhood there too. I thought of painters like you when I was writing the post, because I can tell you have a connection to the cause I was blogging about. You also support other artists, so yes men can be in the cause too! I changed it back to sisterhood only because all of the people participating in the challenges seem to be women. I wonder why? I know there are men artists out there.

      Thanks for your support, Ross. You are a special guy!

  4. Love this! Such a beautiful message, and a beautiful piece of art too. If only everyone would think like this ...

  5. Adorable c'est une superbe création !


  6. Indeed a beautiful message and a wonderful sculpture! You always amaze me with how diverse your creative talents are!


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