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Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring is Positively Coming!

Well, what are you waiting for?  
Get on your rubber boots and let's look for signs that Spring is on its way!

The birds are flitting, this way and that!

The pigeons are inspecting the bridge for winter damage!  
Everything looks up to code!

Let's take a "gander"
 at the river to the west!

Hurry up, the sun will be lowering
its head soon.

Shall we wear our winter
 or spring jackets?

Ice remains thick
 on the river.

Ice dolphins
 take a peek,
 how long
 they will be lodged?

Buds on trees reveal
 growth since the fall.

Ice on the path floats
 and cracks
 and gurgles
 and teases.

Make sure your pants are tucked into your boots!

Be careful not to slip
 and sink!

Listen carefully, 
you can hear the people on the cliff top giggling, 
and enjoying
 the warm March sun.

The Cottonwood trees lean
 in to hear the visitors.

Further down the trail,
a pond awaits
 its thaw.
Leaves of yesterday
 in its clutches.

Silently, a tiny pool of open water begins to surround a lone small rock.

Summer berries remain, awaiting their doom from hungry southern birds.

Trembling aspen fluff begin to celebrate the arrival of warmth.

The evening sunset sends its final rays upon the fluff,
reminding it that tomorrow
 is another day to bathe
 in the long awaited sunlight.

Fish clouds kiss each other good night.
The cold winter breeze
 decides it is not finished
 its visit.

Put up your hood,
 tuck your hands into your pockets!
Let's walk through a puddle
 one more time to clean off our boots.

Come on in
 for a cup of tea
 to warm up!
Brrr, my bones are shivering.
How about your's?

Spring is positively on its way!


  1. Oh so lovely! I'd still be tempted to put my skates on and find a bit of frozen something. :D Don't you love those pussy willows? When I see them I feel so relieved that the first bees will have something to eat. Hurry spring! X

    1. Thanks, Veronica! Agreed, the signs of spring are lovely. I saw our first bee on Sunday!

  2. What gorgeous photos! Do you live near the badlands, in Alberta? It certainly reminds me of that place. We lived in Western Canada for a few years and i loved going to the badlands. Those kissing clouds are amazing, and those flower buds beginning to sprout & the rubber boots... oh, so many good ones. Yes, spring can't come soon enough for us! Thanks for sharing part of your world. xx

    1. Pauline, yes I do live in Alberta and we are considered part of the Badlands. You are welcome. I love to share! I hope spring comes for you soon. You have been quite patient with WINTER! Thanks for your kind words and visit! X

  3. Such a lovely strand of images
    yes we are on the verge of spring
    and rubber boot time
    I relate to every thing you shared!

    1. It is nice to feel that others around us can relate to the delight of spring arriving!

  4. Having been cooped up for months after my accident I have so enjoyed my walk in the sunshine! Your photographs are beautiful!

  5. Oh, I LOVED this photo sequence. Truly in that space between winter and spring. The landscape around where you live is gorgeous!! xoxo Silke

  6. such powerful spring here, at yours... very dramatic in all your images. n♥ lovely meeting you!

  7. Hi Renee, nice to meet you through this week's Drawing Challenge. Rubber boots are a good choice looking at your photos. I live on Vancouver Island where we had an extremely mild winter and so far a colourful noise spring. Happy spring to you!

  8. Thank you everyone for visiting and for putting on your rubber boots and joining me on a hint of spring walk.

    Thank you for your kind messages and compliments.

    It was nice to visit with some new fellow artists!

    Blue skies to you!


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