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Monday, March 16, 2015

Positively Anticipating Spring!

I was challenged by Veronica Roth to submit something about spring last week.  My photographs showed hints of spring, but in this part of Canada, spring often doesn't often reveal her head early in the season.  She pops her head out like a gopher for a few days, then slides back down into her wintry home.  Up and down, up and down.  Sometimes it takes until the middle of June for flowers to bloom, just before Summer shows her presence.  Here, April showers don't bring May flowers.  June showers bring July flowers!

So instead of more photos, I am now sharing a visual journal page in the repurposed book that I am creating to give to my new granddaughter.  I wanted to let her know about some of my favourite things about spring...birds chirping, fresh clean air, green grass, newborn animals, Easter traditions and birthdays of loved ones that occur in spring!

It is fun trying different lettering techniques, painting basic shapes with only primary watercolours, illustrating and then figuring out how to get them to unify!

I am positively anticipating the arrival of spring!


  1. I like your spring journal pages; happy spring to you!

  2. Like the mix of words and color -- looks really sweet!

  3. so lovely that you are doing this for your granddaughter!
    I was amazed to hear that you have seen a ground squirrel. i keep looking at holes and wondering when they will emerge. Lovely equinox to you!


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