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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Positively Thinking of You...

A month has passed, there are reminders of you where ever I go...

The park we used to ride our bikes through...

Some days are filled with smiles and laughter and peace.
Some days are filled with tears.
Today was filled with love and happiness.
Tonight was filled with light and hope and wishes.
You were standing there with me as I gazed up in wonder at the Northern Lights.

I miss you,

Thanks to Valerie, Zach,  and Michelle for the wonderful morning of walking, laughter, photography and yummy food.

Thanks to Mom, Auntie Marilyn and the Treibers for the company, the laughs and for keeping me up late, so I could enjoy the Northern Lights.

Family is the best!


  1. dear Renee, yes he is there, with you forever just like my dad is with me too.
    those northern lights are quite something, breathtaking , great photos!
    thanks for visiting my place.

  2. a lovely letter to your father
    I also feel that our loved ones are always with us
    these photos of the lights are so very beautiful
    some day i hope to see them
    all you photos are beautiful


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