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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Positively Trust Yourself, Art Chain Day 4 and 5

"If your head and heart agree, then it must be the right decision.  Trust yourself."  was typewritten on my very special Underwood typewriter.

I used the quote to create a piece of art for my sister two Christmases ago.  She had just been promoted and was faced with a difficult position.  A lady she had worked with for years and years was unable to change with the new modern demands of her position, and my sister was confronted with the horrible decision of what to do about it.  

She had spoken with the lady about changing her ways, but the lady just wasn't capable of performing in the new capacity.  So after giving her a chance, my sister had to tell her that she no longer had a job there.  It was so difficult for my sister.  She felt sorry for the woman, and knew that the job was important to help her pay her bills, but my sister was doing the woman's job and her own, and was feeling very stressed out.

I encouraged her to make the decision if her heart and her head agreed that it was the best decision to make, even if it meant that the lady would have to find a job elsewhere where her skills could be better utilized.  

At the time, I had typed two copies of the quote and slapped the quote onto one of the pages that I already created a background on using old clothing patterns from my mom, then gessoed, and watercolour painted on to create some layers, then I abandoned the page. 

Last night while thinking about what I would do for my art challenge, I stumbled upon the quote and then began noodling and doodling around the quote, using my new Sharpie pens.  They are very fine and did not stand up to the gesso background.  I went through three of them.

I have been trying different techniques with letters, and am amazed at all of the different ways one can letter.  I originally was going to do the whole entry with only black marker, but later in the night, like after midnight,   My heart and mind agreed that colour was needed.

I used my new Primsa pencil crayons, which I love, and Faber-Castell gelatos  to layer and layer and layer colour to try to make the heart 3D looking.

On the opposite page, I highlighted the words, "Trust Yourself" from the quote, and then began to list words associated with the heart and head.

The flowers that I featured in my last post are nearly dead now, so I pulled out what remains fresh and placed them into an antique candle holder that my husband gave to me as a Christmas present several years ago.  Lucky me!

They look beautiful next my antique jar filled with my art supplies on my refurbished art desk and my doily that my grandma made for me.  How did she know that colour would now become so hip? 

Well, things are looking up around here.  The bathroom renovations are nearly complete, we just need a towel bar and toilet paper holder.  We finally took the toilet off of our deck and all the waste from the walls, floors and doors... off of the lawn.  

Happy weekend to you, and remember to trust your heart and head...

I am supposed to challenge an artist each day for five days to post a picture, a drawing, a painting or another piece of art... but instead, I am asking are any of you interested in accepting the challenge?  Michelle? Terri? Anyone?



  1. I'm in love with your beautiful work Renee:). It just makes me smile:)

  2. wow, your pages are gorgeous, such beautiful lettering and fun too.
    Love your shading as well. Then there is the meaning of the words, simple and powerful and mostly likely a profound way to live life. Thank you.


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