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Monday, March 30, 2015

Animals are Positively Everywhere

There are animals everywhere and they are excited to welcome the warm spring air and sunshine!

Painted Smile, our cat, bathes in the sunshine.

Fresh air tickles the nose of my dog, Lucy.

Quackers pair up.

Geese are excited to bathe in open water at last!

Light dances around the goose as it proudly takes a leisurely swim.

Ripples frame feathers. 

Geese honk and chase each other, getting ready to nest.

Song birds fill the morning air with new songs of spring.

Robins boldly flirt and serenade each other.

The setting sun glows and  warms the branches, as the moon peeks through searching for newly arrived meadowlarks.

The Northern lights accompany the howling coyotes in the distance.

Ring-necked peasants squawk and hide behind the canal.

The animals are positively everywhere!

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  1. Adoré las fotos, sobre todo las de tu perro y tu gato :).


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