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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Positively No Dumping This Area!

The first day of spring had proven to be absolutely lovely!  I heard our first meadow lark of the season, saw our first robin, and enjoyed listening to the spring songs of the red poles, chickadees and house wrens.  I think I even spotted a little yellow song bird!  Our morning walk began in one of our favourite paths near this happy horse.  It was basking in the sun!

I enjoyed the walk so much, I am going to respect the wishes written on this sign:

It clearly is missing the word "in" but I have to agree, we positively won't be dumping this area from our  walking routine any time soon!

We decided to venture all of the way down the path and spent a lovely two and a half hours together chatting, meandering, and photographing.

I scouted these rocks earlier in the week and couldn't wait to take their photo in the long awaited sunshine!

It is the first time I have been this far down the path!  Good grief, I have lived in this area almost half of my life and I didn't even know this path existed so close to my home!

We found many bunches of cacti!  I love the green and burgundy of this heart shaped beauty!

At the end of the path, we were rewarded with this view!

When I returned home, the spring bug was fully embedded in me, I couldn't resist taking more photos.  Lucy enjoyed her freedom and indulged herself in our dugout!

A stump of a beaver bitten, blown down tree showcases a once hidden set of little fairy steps!

I still have the spring photography bug in me tonight!

This cloud lady caught my eye.

A large winking puff ball with an arm!

I positively will not be dumping this area!


  1. I agree with you. No dumping that area. What a beautiful corner of the world you live in my friend. My grandfather, who loved cacti, would have been in heaven there. And, aren't we all relishing the return in of spring? Suddenly, the world is alive again! Big hugs. :D

  2. I'm so pleased to be able to have shared that lovely first day of spring with you Renee:). It's amazing what we overlook with our busy lives isn't it? The walk did me a lot of good and I look forward to the next one.

  3. It looks so beautiful and isolated where you live! the pictures are amazing ....

  4. how wonderful that you have a new walk! plus it looks gorgeous. you take photos of the things that catch my eyes and heart too, so fun to see. those rocks are gorgeous and cactus, i have not seen cactus for a long time. I also am smitten with our new season!

    Please stop by and see if you are interested in joining us for next weekends DC.


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