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Monday, March 2, 2015

Positively Signifying Birth, #artchain, Day 1

This acrylic painting entitled, "Birth" evolved on the day of granddaughter's birth.  I previously began the painting during Christmas holidays with no intentions in mind other than to paint.  I wasn't happy with the direction it was headed... a red bird in a typical blue and white sky.  

I abandoned the painting, trying to figure out where the painting wanted to go!

After I learned of the safe arrival of my granddaughter, I turned on my iPod and began to paint over the sky.  Circles jumped from my brush or my finger tips to my canvas, I was excited that she had finally arrived safely.  A little girl, a special gift, after so many years of having boys in our family.  Now the balance would be more even.

Earlier in the month, I had started guitar lessons and felt excited to play for my dad in the hospital.  I had been taking piano lessons for about four years, but had always wanted to learn how to play guitar like my dad.  Years earlier, I attempted to play my husband's guitar and decided it was too difficult for my fingers to reach the strings, so I decided to opt for the piano.

At first playing guitar seemed very difficult, but after a few lessons, it finally made sense to me.   The treble clef lines began to come alive, and suddenly appeared like  happy ribbons on my painting, flowing freely and brightly in pastel colours of pink, orange yellow and purple, like ballerinas dancing to the music in my kitchen art studio.

After researching January, I discovered that the birth stone for January is the garnet, a deep red, which signifies a light heart, loyalty and eternal friendship and trust.  Ah, so that is why I intuitively chose a red bird!

As my excitement grew and songs played magically on my iPod, I painted more and more circles, making the bird to appear to be bursting through the heavens, eager to enter into the world.

I couldn't decide for a whole month if I was finished.  I thought of different symbols of birth , but decided to keep the symbols unique to me instead of using universal symbols, thus, Birth finally is born today, and appears here for you to view.

I have been challenged by my blogger friend Tammie Lee to participate in a five day art chain challenge.  I can post one photo, drawing, painting, whatever art form I choose for five days, nominating one artist to participate each day.  #artchain.  Gena Lacoste would you like to participate?


  1. So beautifully composed Renee! I always love the stories behind your beautiful paintings! That vibrant red bird set against those marvellous blues is so cheerful!!! I find it interesting that my boys were requesting guitar lessons this morning! Music is in the air! Have a fabulous day!

  2. this is beautiful
    powerful and alive
    how wonderful that you have imbued it with special meaning
    so happy for you and your new grandbaby!
    tomorrow my second grandson will be born.....

  3. Great idea Renee. A beautiful painting to honor a beautiful event. ☺

  4. I really love your banner photo. So much mixture of stuff. I adore your houses, buildings. And your painting is pretty powerful. I love the deep deep red.

  5. The colourcombination is beautiful, and I love the movement in this painting and the story behind it.

  6. how lovely that you have this piece of art to remind you of this special time...xx


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