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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Future Is Positively His to Choose

The Future is Positively His to Choose

As promised, I added my sketch, inspired by my son, to my visual journal.  It is a tribute to many of the things that make him strong, and will provide him the strength and courage to explore all of the possibilities in life. The path he chooses is up to him, but with all of the gifts he has, he will not be limited.

Many Gifts

Red is a favourite colour of my son, so I used red watercolour paint for the background.  I also utilized some of my new art supplies...Liquitex professional acrylic ink... which comes with a dropper.  I dropped the ink on the page, then used a straw to blow the ink around.  It is surprising what pops out of the ink, a few free form people, brain dendrites...  I wrote qualities that my son displays around the ink splotches/figures. I cut out and glued my son...that sounds funny and weird....onto a practice page that I used  to mix colours in my first watercolour class.  I also tried out my new pen nibs, that were also dipped into the acrylic ink.  To tie the two pages together, I used my new fine tipped red marker and black outliner.

Free Flowing Ink

I am grateful for my son each day.  I also appreciate his patience as a model in my quest to become a better artist who can draw faces!

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  1. these are beautiful pages! I see dancing figures everywhere! Love how you added the sketch of your son to this.

  2. renee, this is sucha lovely tribute to your son ans something I'm sure he'll treasure the rest of his life. Your blog looks fabulous. Great stuff here.

  3. Thank you both for taking the time to visit and leave a comment. I appreciate you!


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