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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Positively Give A Hoot


I positively give a hoot about a lot of things, but one thing a really give a hoot about is owls.  I created this owl to use as a children's card, perhaps for a birthday, or I care about you card.  I decided to leave the opposite page in my journal blank for now, because I am trying to think of some possible phrases I could use.  The phrases here are typed using a photo editing program.

Find the definitions

The background was created using old atlases and maps, and snippets out of a dictionary.  All dictionary definitions are relevant to the owl.  You will find the definitions of owl, tree, deciduous, leap, hoot, wise, perch, hop, leaf, hootenanny.  


I also used a business card of the park near by where I spent two springs ago, photographing some owlets in a larch tree.

I am hoping this owl acrylic painting will help you put up with one more day of winter and will warm your heart and prepare it for SPRING!

If you would like to commission me to create a card or wall hanging
 using this owl or any other prairie animal, 
I would be delighted to do it for you.  
Contact me at

Please ask for permission to use these images.

It Seemed So Clear at the Time
Here is another photo from the weekend.  I like how the word sharp is blurred in the dirty windshield and the old building is reflected in the side mirror.  I can't decide if I like having local artists paint murals on the old brick or not.  All of a sudden, things aren't as clear as I once thought.


  1. Love your owl and that background is awesome! You still have such cold weather over there! I hope spring will come soon ....

    1. Thanks, Denthe. One day it is very warm and the next it is cold and windy. We are expecting snow again!

  2. Oh how wonderful! Lovely Owl! I love owls! :D

  3. Hi, Maria. I have been so busy, I haven't finished finding all of the nominees to the award you sent to me. I will one day very soon post it!

    Thanks for the compliment.

  4. As in the old Hutchings & Sharp building??? I worked there when I was a teeny bopper! Oh my ... that dates me! I remember decorating the windows with western wear, washing off the sidewalk in the mornings during the spring and summer and rolling out the 'horse at the door' each morning!


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