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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Positively the Easter Bunny Came

Today the Easter bunny came to our house for a very early Easter hunt before my eldest son had to head back to Edmonton for work. The sun shone warmly and brightly. Our visit with our son was very short, but very sweet. When he is home, our home feels balanced and full of cheer, the missing puzzle piece completing the family puzzle. Hopefully, we will see him soon again. For now, we have fantastic memories and a lot of goodies. This is the first hunt in 18 years that our family friend, Lucky didn't accompany us with her tail wagging and extra large smile. Things keep changing.

We are glad that the Easter bunny returned for yet another year, for a positively fun Easter hunt with my sons and husband. We are blessed to have another Easter together!


  1. So glad your son made it home for the Easter holidays and hugs to you regarding Lucky! I know you miss her! Love your Easter Bunny and his colourful basket of eggs!

  2. It has been since Christmas, so we were very excited to see him!


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