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Friday, March 1, 2013

Positively A Warm, Bright Colourful Day!

March first was a positively lovely bright warm colourful day! At 14 degrees Celsius, the water began to flow, the snow mostly vanished, and the colours of the world danced!

With the brightness of the day, it was my responsibility to go through the gates of time and find delightful things to celebrate.

The golden grass danced with delight to be free of the cold, dreary snow.

The clouds jigged across the sky, this way and that!

The pine bark showed off a display of colours.

The greens,oranges and  reds of rust grinned brightly in the sunshine.

Patterns emerged, once hidden in the gloomy February skies.

An ordinary rusty old fuel tank transformed to an interesting piece of art.

The contrast of blue and rust captured my attention.

Light tickled white fluffy cattail seeds.

The March wind gently rocked nature back to life.

March first so gentle and fresh.

Faces in old weathered corral wood teased my eye.

 Winter sculptured people into the well-used highway.

Impossibly a head of golden grass poked through the grey, aged slats, but I liked it better in black and white.

Bark sparkled, all shiny and happy.

The blueness beautifully framed nature's designs.

Triangles and faces playfully adorned the trunks.

The clouds celebrated a grand warm day.

The sun grew tired, a day's job well done.

 March first was positively a lovely, warm, bright, colourful day!

Good Golly!

Happy weekend everyone!

The photographs and story are soul property
of Renee Dowling.
Please contact her for permission to use them in any way.


  1. You don't even have a 'SPECK' of snow left!!!!!! So not fair! LOL! Beautiful images Renee ... very spring-like! *shaking my head and sighing!* My whole theory on the #9 hwy is so, so true! I've always told my hubby that the #9 hwy is the cut off between nice, warm weather ... and cold, not so nice weather! How I ended up living north of the #9 ... knowing what is south of the #9 ... ??????? Love your gate image and the sunset series is just darn sweet! :)

  2. Gesh, what were you thinking moving north of the 9th? Beautiful country though! Warm here again today, and FINALLY got the barn door unstuck!!!!!! Now my son can finally ride his quad. Ah, shucks, thanks for the compliment!


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