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Sunday, March 3, 2013

She Positively Danced

She Positively Danced

The inspiration for today's art is our winter blizzard. This is Mother Nature positively dancing through the snow storm, enjoying the challenge of wicked Winter whipping, whistling and bowing the mighty Cottonwood trees.

I used Paper 53 again on my iPad. I "painted" the background black first, then used the eraser to draw dots (snow). My son asked if he could make some dots, then he took his finger and swiped a swirl and the word Mom in the background. I turned his markings into Mother Mature, dancing through the storm.

I hope everyone is at home safe, cuddling on the couch with their loved ones. We will see in the morning how bad the drifting is.

Would it be possible that Mother Nature would treat us to a snow day? We haven't had one this year. Winter, as far as snow drifts, has been pretty kind to us. Our neighbour hasn't been over even once to plough us out, unlike last year!
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  1. oh this is wonderful Renee, such happy and positive energy! Great work!

  2. Love it Renee...Oh boy she's really being ripped around in the wind. Wonderful!

  3. "Oh, if you're not from the prairie, you don't know the wind!"

    Thanks all for stopping by!


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