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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Positively Frosty Kitty Tour, Day 2

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Good day, follow me down the trail to see some old fashioned photographs of a positively frosty, lovely day, and of course me, Painted Smile.

Spring Buds Awaiting

Spring is patiently awaiting.  The buds have been getting ready since fall to reveal their green leaves, but the frost is warning them to stay closed for a while longer.

Frosty Branches

 The frost is tickling and teasing the branches, waiting for the right moment to leap.

Dreamy Sky and Frosty Trees

The sky is dreamy and the trees are glistening, so hop on the wagon to see more of me!

Centre of Attention

Ah, here I sit in the warm sun.  Well, what do you think so far?  I hope I have guided you to  some interesting sights on this grand day.  Look out, the frost is skydiving!  Drats, I am frosted again!

I could pose all day!

I wonder how long this great weather will last?

Ice Wagon Designs

The frost and ice have made some interesting designs on this old wagon.

Icy Wagon

Can you spot the little reindeer?  Let's have a closer look!


Now can you see it?

Icy Wagon 3

Why does the frost keep skydiving onto my fur?

How long till I am frost showered again?

Let's take another closer look at the ice on the wagon.  What is that that I see?  A moose kissing a ...?

Moose Kisses

The snow outlined the wagon wheel and was beginning to separate itself from the wagon, just like the metal frame.

Snowy Outlines

Stay tuned for more frosty and icy pictures tomorrow!  I hope you enjoyed my positively frosty kitty tour.

All photographs are soul property of Renee Dowling.

To use them in any way, please ask for permission.


  1. We had heavy, heavy frost and tons of photo ops the last 2 days and of course I missed them. I had to take the boys into Calgary yesterday morning and I wanted to stop so many times but was driving in dense fog and didn't dare! They forecasted heavy fog again for this am and I thought ...ah, my opportunity! Darn ... no fog! *Murphy!* LOL! I love your frosty photos, the grey, white and brown/tan colour palette, the tiny reindeer and just how purrrrrfectly 'Painted Smile' blends in!

  2. Ah, shucks, you missed the fog!:)) On, well, there will be a next time!

    Thanks for giving me specific feedback, I so appreciate it.


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