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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Positively Discovering Icy Backyard Treasures, Day 3

It is day three of celebrating the icy treasures discovered in my own backyard last Sunday! These photos are reminders of my day of reflection of the long winter days passed and the celebration of the beauty nature provides throughout the seasons.  They are also reminders to not let life pass us by inside, and to get outside and see all of the wonderful changes, surprises and treasures that can be found.  Join me on my quest to find positively lovely icy treasures in my own backyard.

The Road Less Traveled

Blue Spruce Icicles

Even a Clogged Downspout Is Beautiful 

Father Time Clings to a Cottonwood Tree

Ice Drops on White Spruce

Ice Dancing


Trapped...Break Free from the Rut

Snowy Highlights

Silvery Bark- The Colours of Optimism

Frequent Freeing Frost Flitters and Floats From the Forest


May your days be filled with the wonders of nature.  Have the courage to venture outside and discover the positively wonderful treasures in your own backyard!

All of the photographs are soul property
of Renee Dowling.
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contact Renee


  1. Wow! you still have a LOT of snow! Your pictures are beautiful! I especially love "ice dancing"

  2. The snow has now melted in most places. We actually saw green grass in the city limits! Thanks for visiting!


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