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Monday, March 25, 2013

Positively Icy Part 1

Last week we had the world's largest snowflakes fall upon our landscape.  The snowflakes were as large as feathers and as they danced around this way and that like feathers busting loose from a massive, teenager pillow fight!  A few minutes amongst the snowflakes resulted in soaked clothing and hair.  The people coming in from outside looked like they had been standing underneath a downspout after a very hard rain.  The snow seemed to fly in from the west and clung to  everything on the west side.  The snow clung onto fences, power poles, trees, wheels and wagons for days.  As the temperatures warmed throughout the week,  icicles formed on trees, cars, wagons, everything that stood still.  The pine and spruce trees were perfect molds for ice to  form around.

 Sunday was a glorious sunny day.  With the warming temperatures, the icicles continued to grow and hoar frost coated the landscape.  As I was photographing, the snow and frost skydived from tall structures, mimicking mini snowstorms!  At times, my cats and I were covered in snow, as if we had just came in from the storm a week ago!

I took so many photos, I will have to show you a few throughout the week.  The day was positively icy!

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