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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Positively Spontaneous

Beautiful Architecture
Saturday is always a day of ultimate possibilities, when we can be positively spontaneous.  We decided to enjoy the sunny day by taking a drive to Lethbridge with my family and parents.

Just after Christmas, I received a gift from an art store in Lethbridge, called The Studio.  When you spend a certain amount, you receive a certain amount back.  It was due to expire at the end of March.

On the drive, I couldn't wait to draw.  It had been almost a week since I touched a pencil for drawing, and my fingers were itching to feel the texture of the paper and do some shading.  If any of you know the highway to Lethbridge, you will know that it is not a smooth ride, so I am proud of the results.  I used my son as a model.  He had a hard time looking ahead, as he was trying to entertain my mom with his wit and insights about life.  He is actually more handsome than this, I will have to try again.  I drew him on a little notepad that I always keep in my camera bag to jot down notes about my camera adventures....facts I've learned, quotes I stumble upon, feelings and ideas.  I think I will add the drawing to my journal.

Bumpy on a Bumpy Road

I realize now that I have taken a picture of my drawing that I drew his head quite square in the back.  Oh, well, there is always next time.


What better way to celebrate the completion of report cards and a beautiful blue March sky, than to draw one of my favourite people, journey to Lethbridge and shop at my favourite stores!

We checked out a really cool cafe called The Owl Acoustic Cafe and Lounge. Displayed was comic book superhero art by a local artist.  The art had hilarious Canadian relevant speech bubbles!  The lighting was old coffee table lamps from the 70s and 80s hung upside down.  Ugly upside right, beautiful and interesting upside down.  Record albums, a gorgeous antique mirror, and ancient architecture also beautified the walls.  The food was delicious and we had the whole place to ourselves.  I would really love to go back at night when they have live music playing!

Reflecting Blue
Walking the streets of downtown Lethbridge is always a delight.  The atmosphere is hip, refreshing and inspiring, a positive combination of old and new.  The little shops are fun and interesting.  The wind did not exist for a change and encouraged us to walk many blocks.

My son discovered some beer chilling in a bank of snow at the foot of a light standard as we were waiting to cross a street.  Perhaps a street person's clever way of refrigeration?

A busker playing a guitar and singing added an artistic touch to the atmosphere. Delightfully creative art hanging in local shops and curiosities displayed from villagers of third world countries also enhanced our day!  Every corner was something new to discover.

I Wonder What Secrets are Hidden Up There?

This week I will try out my new art supplies and share the results with you!

May you take some time to be positively spontaneous this week!  You never know what wonderful discoveries you will overturn!

It is Time To Be Spontaneous

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  1. *sigh* ... you made me miss travelling good ole Hwy #3 and Lethbridge (I went to college and worked there for a few years)! Lethbridge is a neat place but the Owl Acoustic Cafe & Lounge did not exist way back when!!! Despite the highway heaves and the sugar-beat truck potholes ... you did a wonderful sketch of your son! Can't wait to see what the new art supplies trigger in your creativeness! Have a great week Renee! :)

  2. Thanks, Terri. If you miss it, I guess it may be time for a little trip south! A get away from the stack of snow you have.


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