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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Positively Surprising

For those of you who have teenagers or young adult children, you will totally understand this, but for those of you who have young children, you probably believe this will never happen to you, but there comes a time when your own children will reject being with you and would rather spend time with friends, or playing on the Xbox or texting!  So those of you who have older children will totally agree with me, I am certainly positive that you will, that the events of tonight are positively surprising.  This is what happened.  The first surprise is my eldest son came home from Edmonton for the weekend to attend his grandpa's birthday.  Usually he claims it is too far to drive just for a couple of days.  The second surprise is he spent the whole evening with us without running off to visit his friends and didn't text them either.   When we returned home from the party at about 11:00,  now here comes the real shocker, he questioned me, " Mom, what are you going to do now?"

Now, in the back of my mind I am thinking, "I still have time to blog, or I could really enjoy going to bed.  The house is cooling off and I did go to bed at about 1:30 last night waiting for him to get home from Edmonton and I was working on my pen and ink piece of art that I was trying to finish for today's party.  I did get up early to go for a bike ride in the cool morning and then to work on my art, so sleep is calling me."

Instead of saying, " I'm bushed, I'm going to bed, I asked to him, " Why are you asking?"

He said, "I thought we could play some piano and guitar for a while."

Well, that was music to my ears.  You can only guess that of course I stayed up late.  I played piano and he guitar.  We played until 1:00am!  With both of us yawning, we had to pull ourselves away from our instruments and the fun, and go to bed.  

However, now that I am in bed, I am so dang excited and positively surprised about what just happened that I can't sleep and I decided to write to you about the experience!!!!!

I have no photo or art to show you, but I am sure you can imagine me resting my head on my pillow with my eyes wide open and a great big stupid grin on my face and a few tears of happiness in my eyes!  Yes, I am still positively surprised!

P.S.  I should be finished my art today, since it is now Sunday morning.  I will then share with you!


  1. Awe!!!! I dread the day my boys don't want us around but will be eager for the day they return! Music to a Mom's ear! :)


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