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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Positively For The Birds

In addition to celebrating the interesting architecture, the beautiful and well planned parks, the deliciously coloured and designed bridges and the positive people, Calgary is also positively for the birds. Literally, it is a great place for the ducks and geese to hang out and for people to bird watch, especially in the Bow River at Prince's Island Park.

I so enjoyed watching this duck.  It was reaching for bread that a young girl had dropped into the water.  I love how the water is sliding off of its beak and causing ripples in the water.  Don't you think the duck looks refreshed and is smiling?

Love Those Feathers

It is very pleasing for me to observe the patterns of duck feathers.  It is a regular pattern that I use in my drawings.


This self-portrait was completed in 2008 when my son went off to University.  I was dealing with a partial empty nest and decided that I needed to deal with it by returning to art.  It was an experiment with noodles and doodles, but I have recently discovered there is a theme to my art experiments: water in the form of tear drops, water drops and ripples, as well as, patterns of bird feathers.

Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

Talk about letting things slide off of one's back.  It is so interesting to me how the water just flows off of the duck's back so easily!   Water and its surface tension amaze me. Look how the water drops are suspended in air and on the duck's head and body.  I too need to learn how to let things slide off my back more easily just like the duck.

Down I Go Again

Canada Goose

One of my favourite birds is the Canada Goose for several reasons.  For one, I like the black and white on their heads and I enjoy art that is created in black and white.  When I hear the honks of geese and see how they work as a team when flying, I stop everything and pause.  I am always amazed how they take turns and can work with such a large group in a harmonious fashion.  When all is silent, the sound of their wings is breathtaking!  Finally, it is incredible that they mate for life.  Maybe humans should be taking lessons from the Canadian Geese!

I am Free

Once I got over the depression of my son being gone, and continued to explore different lines and patterns, I felt really free.  The lines and ideas began to flow onto the page easily and freely and without pencil.  Once again, the duck feather patterns and the Canadian goose black and white appear!

Letting Go

Time For Tea

Just For Fun

It's Just Ducky!

The Calgarian night was so peaceful.  The colourful reflections in the water and the calm demeanour of the duck are true signs of this.  With peace, reflection follows.  These photographs have caused me to reflect on the art that I have done in the past four years and a theme has suddenly appeared... water, birds, and evolution.  I guess my art really is positively for the birds, because of the birds!

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