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Friday, August 31, 2012

Optimistically Waiting For The Positively Blue Moon

Hide and Seek
 I am currently sitting outside in the dark, optimistically waiting for the blue moon to show its stubborn and mischievous head from behind the August clouds.  I have  dragged my weary head off my pillow after crashing on the couch due to an absolutely delightful but tiring three days back to work.

I suddenly have caught a second wind.  I have armed myself with long sleeves and pants, and bug spray.  I have even set up my tripod, which I normally don't bother doing, and am sitting here on my rocking chair, on the front lawn with the lively crickets, mosquitoes and my cat Jacques Cartier, the curious explorer.  I am sure his is wondering what the heck I am doing outside when the moon literally is only peeking one eye at a time from behind the clouds once in a "blue moon".

Catch Me If You Can

For those of you who are wondering if the moon is blue, well not that I could really tell, but no.  This phenomena only occurs if there are a lot of dust particles in the air, such as from a volcano.  Even with all of the harvesting going on, there doesn't isn't enough dust in the air for the moon to appear blue.  A blue moon has become to be known as two full moons that occur in one month.  The next blue moon is expected in 2015.

I can't even see stars in the sky, so I am not sure how much of the moon I will actually get to see.  Even the crickets that were once chirping loudly next to me seem to be tiring of waiting for the moon.  My cat has been weaving himself between the feet of my tripod, and even he has settled down behind me with a tired, but watchful eye.

With a Wink, Say Good-bye
 It was asked that when we do glimpse the moon to give it a wink in memoriam to Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon.  He died this week at the age of  82.

As I was taking my first steps as a one year old, he was taking his first steps on the moon at about the same age as I am now!  See, one can do great things even in his/her forties.

The little tiny insects are enjoying the light of my iPad and are beginning to test my patience.  Mother nature has thrown a thick black blanket over the moon and absolutely no light is escaping.  I bet the moon is reading bedtime stories under the blanket with his comet flashlight.  The story about the foolish girl sitting on a rocking chair, being bitten by bugs and fooled to believe she will be able to see the blue moon anytime soon, is entertaining him, I am sure.

It is fun sitting out here though.  My neighbours are sitting by a campfire with friends.  I can hear every word the say from across the highway, every bark, every chirp, every car.  I can even hear the hum of a combine harvesting in a field nearby and the sawing of logs on the other side of my bedroom window.

Reverse Blue Moon
My one dollar find at a garage sale, old coloured camera filters, were waiting patiently on the bench beside me.   I wanted to use play creative tricks with the moon and my camera.  Now they are feeling neglected and are thinking they should go in before the bugs do their business on them.

Ah, what was that?  A rain drop!  Really??! Ugh!......

Well, I've just taken all of my equipment of adventure,or of a sort of adventure into the house and I am not sure there are anymore rain drops.  Of, course. 

My dog gave me that puppy dog look and I gave in.  I joined her for an almost midnight stroll.  The moon thinks it was being smart with his "Hide and Go Seek" game that he's been playing, but it is still bright enough for us to walk through the corrals and see our two horses foraging in the mud by the irrigation canal, so I think I won this game.  Normally, I have to turn on the barn light!!

It is 11:43 and I had to drag my dog to come in.  The raindrops are still periodically and lightly playing.  And I have to admit, the night was not at all disappointing, because to be optimistically waiting for a playful blue moon to lighten the sky and fill my camera screen was positively great!

 My guess is in the middle of the morning, when I am trying to sleep, the moon will whip off his blanket and say, "Renee, tricked ya.  I'm here.  Come outside and play. "

I'll reply, " You had your chance. Maybe tomorrow." Then I'll get up and close the curtains...and hide me!  Or will I? (I have my camera still on the tripod, and my gear next to the door!"

Neil, may you find peace in the heavens and have plenty more walks with the moon. Take another small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!

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