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Friday, August 17, 2012

I Positively Love Camping!

I positively love camping! Why, you ask? Well, let me explain!  Early this morning, I awoke to an absolutely still and sun shiny morning.  I was so excited to get out of bed to greet the day.  I could hear every fish jump, every bird diving into the peaceful lake water, and every pelicans' wing creaking.  The morning was so calm and quiet, that the tinkle of my spoon against my cereal bowl seemed loud enough to wake the campers next door!  Meadow larks from across the lake and across the golden field of wheat could be enjoyed.  The lake water was so placid that even the tiniest water beetle swimming could be spotted from a distance, and the warm early morning sunshine made the beetle look like light dancing joyfully across the beautiful blue water.  All reflections were exact twins of the objects floating or standing in the cool water.  Every line, colour and shape was reflected in exact detail.  Today there were no clouds in the sky, only light, only sounds, only a gentle breeze soothing my sun burned skin! 

Last night, the sky was so magical.  Each star twinkling so brightly, inviting us to stay up later than we should have to enjoy the night sky show.  The night also invited us to relax by the sparkling campfire and then to reflect on the day and the times of our past.  The air and the water were so serene, and with the stars filling the sky and being so low and bright in the sky, I couldn't believe my eyes when I gazed at the stars' reflections in the lake water!  I've never witnessed such a scene!  As we were star gazing, it looked like we could actually see bands of the Milky Way!  The stars, millions in numbers, created night rivers across the deep, black sky!

I've mentioned fishing before, but fishing in a boat allows me to escape what lies on the land.  I become more part of nature, I feel like a sea bird.  It is a miracle to me to be able to float on the water and to be so close to the pelicans, ducks, gulls, grebes and FISH!  The feel of a perch or a walleye...tap, tap, down, down, down, on the end of my fishing rod is exhilarating!  Splashing, feathers ruffling, water caressing rocks and tickling the sides of the boat, are music to my prairie ears!  When my fishing partners declare, "Oh, I think I've got one!", it is truly delightful!  The sounds of the reels winding, the fishing line zinging and whizzing through the rod's rings, the hook gullupping into the water's surface, all fill my mind with fishing moments.  The silly jokes and stories that unravel like fishing line delight my heart!  Some days it is not about the fishing, it is about being outdoors, with like minded people, and rejoicing that we live on such a magnificent planet! 

Camping is a time of celebrating family and friends.  Throwing and skipping rocks, playing hide and go seek, reading a great book by the shore, walking the dog by the lake, writing in one's journal, sketching, snapping photographs, playing games, throwing a football and baseball, eating smores, baking campfire pies, beachcombing, sitting around talking and listening, telling aunties that you love them, thinking and dreaming! Ah, camping positively has a special place in my heart!

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