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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Positively Free in Pincher Creek

There were a lot of positively free things in Pincher Creek, Alberta.  Free?  We ventured off to Pincher Creek on Saturday, August 18, for their annual outdoor rodeo.  I really enjoy the rodeos in small towns.  One is treated to close up action! The bleachers are built into the grassy hills, there is room to spread out and a gal feels free to take off her shoes and have her toes tickled by the cool green grass underneath.  The rodeo began with a spectacular trick riding show beautifully and bravely performed by two young girls under twelve years of age.

Free to Trust

The expression on this stunning young girl's face is so peaceful as she flies through the air on her trusted horse.   She looks so free!

At every outdoor rodeo, there are always a variety of people.  These cute little girls caught my eye.  Both from different cultures, but there for the same reason. Sharing an autographed photo of the trick rider above, both are free to dress differently and live differently, but they share their love of pink sandals and dreams of pretty horses!

Free To Share!

After the opening, the fast paced barrel racing event entertained us.  This bay horse is smiling for the crowd.  It must really feel free when racing around the barrels!

Smiles are Free!

I have to apologize to this cowboy for cutting off his head, but with people standing everywhere and the horse bucking, it is hard to get the whole shot.  Sharing this picture seemed important to me because of all four of the horses hooves are off of the ground, the mane, the tail and the tassels on the chaps are freely flying this way and that and I got a big kick out of the guy in the background. He seems to be thinking, "Man, hang on, it is going to be a wild one!"

Free From the Ground

What kid doesn't want a free bike?  There wasn't one kid sitting in the stands for each of the age groups when a challenge was given...grab a ribbon off of one of two calves and win a free bike!  There were kids of all sorts.  Some in cowboy/girl garb, others in summer beach wear, or more traditional Hutterite and Mennonite clothing.  Cowboy boots kicked up dust, Crocs slipped freely off of feet, flip flops flew, skirts flittered, suspenders snapped, braids whipped, all to have the chance to win a FREE BIKE!

Ahhhhhhh, A Free Bike!

One is free to choose what one does with for a living, but there must be an easier way than bull riding!  The spectator on your far right is scratching his head wondering the same thing, I am sure!

Free Fall

It always surprises me how the bulls are wild and crazy for eight seconds, or longer if he is a real performer, and then so peaceful shortly after!

Chillin' Out!

The rodeo grounds and the camp site we stayed at were free of Internet service, so blog entries were out of the question.  So, sorry that I haven't been able to share lately.  This summer fun is making it difficult to be a regular blogger, but better late than never!  Although there was an gate entry fee to get into the the Pincher Creek rodeo, there were several positively free Canon moments!

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  1. Pincher Creek rodeo was very good in a simple sort of way. We might have to include it in next year's CPRA tour of rodeos around Alberta!


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