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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Positively Different

I have been sharing a lot of vacation photos, so tonight I thought I would share something positively different for a little change.  I have been attending drawing classes this summer.  We visited different locations in the city and used different media each time. Last night we used pen and ink, and watercolour pencils.  We stayed in the studio/cafe because it was so hot outside.  All of us had returned to work, wwwwaaaaaahhhhh,  and were hot and tired, so we voted to stay indoors and draw things in the studio and cafe.  Here is my little drawing.

In the Cafe
My goal is to still improve on perspective when drawing elipses and proportions, but I thought I would share this anyways.  We were using viewer finders. They were made out of a picture mat, with a grid draw on acetate to help with proportions.  I was so tired after my first day back to work with meetings and putting the finishing touches on my classroom, that I was totally unsteady holding the with view finder and viewing using one eye made me dizzy, that I gave up and used my old fashioned eyeballs.  Oh, well.  It's about the growth and the journey.

I thought I would also shae with you some little crafty scupltures that I created using tin cans, branches from different trees in my yard, corrogated cardboard, handmade moss nests, raffia and store bought butterflies and birds.  I created them as centre pieces for the tables/pods in my classroom.  I  made little welcome signs and used little clothes' pins that I purchased at a dollar store.  I call them, "Complimentrees".  They are meant to clip little notes of appreciation.  My students are starting the year with the theme, "Imagine That!"and are studying trees....Imagine That in the prairie!



Hopefully, you positively enjoyed something different today! It was sure fun making them!
I am off to bed, I had such a great first day of school, the students are very likable and sweet, but I am exhausted!  Goodbye summer holidays, hello exhaustion. Yawn,  good night everyone!

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  1. Awe ... what a great way to welcome your students back! The boys start on Tuesday (I'm not looking forward to the return of school ... summer was far too short!). Wishing you a 'positively great year of teaching' Renee!

  2. Thanks for your positive wishes. Summer did seem really short this year. It is probably because we did so many things we enjoy doing. I love being home with my guys too! I miss them a lot when they are in school, they both used to be at my school, but now have moved on to high school and university. Where does the time go?

  3. Renee, this is ust a treat...the WHOLE PAGE!! I adore your drawing, and think your complimentrees are show-worthy! Lucky are the kids who have you for a are SO creative. Positively.

  4. Thanks, Gena. I've had some great influences! My students are so sweet this year, so far after three days, that I feel even more creative! Lucky me! People like you continue to be my inspiration!


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