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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Positive People

Positive people are the best people to surround ourselves with.   Even if they don't know it, they effect us without even trying.  On our recent trip to Calgary, I was fortunate to be in a stone's throw of many people who were positive about different things and they left an impact on me in diverse ways.  Take a peek to meet the positive people.

The first positive person is my oldest son.  Once he puts his mind into doing something, he goes full out to accomplish it.  At the age of twenty, he decided he wanted to become a triathlete.  He swallowed his pride and took swimming lessons.  He never showed interest when he was a child and spent most of his summers at hockey and football camps, so there was never time to take swimming lessons.   He decided that it is never too late to learn how to swim and then grew determined to do well in triathlons.  This weekend he entered himself into several bike races in and around Calgary.  Being a beginner is always challenging,but he did well and didn't give up, even when the courses were difficult.  He surrounds himself with like minded people and looks up to them and appreciates their support, advice and experience! He just keeps on trying and is determined to keep improving and training and learning.  What a great positive attitude!


It Isn't  Easy

Push It!

Working Hard

I Can DO IT!

The second positive person of the weekend was a man that we talked to for only about five minutes, but he had such a positive outlook and intoxicating attitude, that I spent the weekend in awe of him.  I first spotted him in the race that took place near Cochrane.   He stood out because he had grey hair sticking out of his bike helmet.  I was surprised to see him next to all of the younger bike riders.   He is 63 years old and is in the beginning level of biking in my 21 year old son's category.  He told us about climbing the hill on his bike at Canadian Olympic Park beside a 15 year old and a 20 year old.  After the race at North Glenmore Park, he felt so exhilarated, his smile and eyes sent me a loud and clear message, it is never too late to try, and never use age as an excuse to be unhealthy or to stop learning.  All of the cyclists made riding look so fun, that today, I pulled out my bike and went for a early morning drive!  Psssst...he is from Edmonton!

 The third person who had a positive effect on me was an accordion player playing music at Prince's Island Park!  His obvious love of music made us stop and listen.  Even though it was a toasty temperature, he sat with his suitcase open, an enraptured look upon his face and made the the music flow merrily from his accordion.  As we were at the river's edge watching the ducks and geese, his music made me feel like I was in Paris.  I could have sat there all night long listening and watching, but I had to pull myself away because my family was waiting patiently for me as I had taken several minutes enjoying the music, the scenery and of course, taking photographs!

He Took Me To Paris

I Love Music!

I love the angles, lines and round buttons of the accordion!

While I was sitting by the water's edge, I encountered another positive person.  She was so excited to see the ducks and geese, just like me, but she was about ten!  With bread in her hand, she was determined to attract the birds close to the bank. She had her whole family nearby encouraging her and lending a hand.  I was grateful that she was just as interested in the geese and ducks, as I was.  I was hoping to get some close ups!  Her beautiful hands created some splendid images for me in my camera!




 You never know when you will be a person who has a positive impact on others.  Even strangers, whom you may never see again can change your life, your thinking, your day!

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  1. You must be so proud of your son! The drive to compete and improve, definitely an accomplishment in itself! And I love the 63 yr old!!! It's so awesome to witness such individuals!

    1. We are very proud! Isn't it amazing what people can do when they have determination and no excuses!?


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