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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Positively Secretive

Psst!  Shhh... I am currently sneaking around and being  positively secretive at the campground I am presently at.  Why you ask?  By computer battery is down to the last bar and I am sitting on the ground with a green hoodie on trying to camouflage under a larch tree by the lake where there is power.  We tried getting power stall on Sunday, but they were all taken, and now that it is Tuesday, there are three power stalls available . However, now that our camp is all set up, it is too much of a pain to move.  Besides, my father in law is supposed to be coming out and he wants a power stall, so I could technically say that I am saving the site for him.  Would it be weird if I am sitting here all day, charging my Ipod, too.  I have an Ibook loaded, and I am dying to read what happens next.  Oh, oh, I hear a golf cart coming with the park people, I hope they don't spot me!  Shhh, nobody breathe. Nobody talk.  And for heaven sakes, noboby sneeze or... you know....I have sons....  Get down. Crumb cake, they are getting closer.   Phew, they turned the other way, safe for now!  You still need to be quiet though, I snuck away from my dog, Lucky, who is sleeping in the sun by the camper. If she notices I am gone, she will start to whine and the bark, and then she will give away my secret hiding spot!

For today's entry, I thought I would share why I didn't finish the promised art from Sunday's entry.  You see, I have been busy spying on the prairie birds...cormorants, pelicans, ducks, seagulls, canaries, robins, I think I spotted a flicker too... Oh, you're thinking, not birds again.  Yes, it is my blog, so I can write about birds if I want...   I also have been fishing, too.  Again, please be quiet, I don't want you to reveal our secret fishing spot.  I am sitting not too far away from it right now.  Oh,oh, there are some people walking in front of me on the beach with garbage bags and picking up litter.  I think they may work for the park.  I am trying not to make eye contact.  Oh,oh... I looked up and the guy said, "Good morning!" and then .... he asked, gulp,  "How did you get  Wi-fi in the middle of nowhere?" 

Gulp,  I told him, " I have an iPhone"

Then he replied.... gulp, "Right on!" and then left!  Phew!

So back to the story, you can talk and breathe now, yesterday morning I observed an neat and wonderful thing.  I want to call it Waterbird Leap Frog.  At first there was one pelican.


The cattle took notice in the distance!
All Alone!

Then a three seagulls arrived. 

Next thing I noticed cormorants, Canadian geese, about a hundred pelicans, and more seagulls joined. 

Before my eyes, a colony of birds formed. 
Then the leap frog game began.  Small groups at a time flew above and landed slightly ahead of the group. 

Then another, then another, then another group followed, until all of the birds had moved further east.  

The cattle came to watch and then turned, stunned!
Once they reached a small heard of cattle, the entertaining birds all turned around and headed back playing Leap Frog again back  to where they started. 
Beat you back to the start!

Today is a new day, and I wonder if the lone pelican and the Canadian geese in this small group by the old broken down house in the golden wheat field will start the positively secretive game of Leap Frog again?

Shall We Play Again?

Well, I've used up my share of free electricity.   Where is my father in law?  My rump is very sore from waiting here, so I will sneaked back to my trailer and act like I was never gone, and eat a bowl of Special K with berries.  Thanks for joining me and for being so quiet!

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