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Monday, July 9, 2012

Yellow Is Positively Addicting

Now that I have mentioned yellow in the past few postings, I seem to be focusing on yellow, it is positively addicting.  Everywhere I look I spot yellow.  When I mentioned previously that I am surrounded by canola fields, I am not exaggerating.  Canola fields are surrounding canola fields which are surrounded by even more canola fields.  The land of complex layers of yellow, green, blue, more yellow... must look amazing from an airplane!  I wonder if yellow is positively addicting to anyone else?

Canola and Irrigation Wheels
I love how the irrigation wheels are poking their heads above the canola. 
 I never realized that canola grew so high.

Canola Layer After Layer
See what I mean about canola fields surrounded by more canola fields, layer after layer? 

Canola and the Big Sky
 The big blue sky with the tufts of white clouds against the brilliant yellow makes my eyes sing.

The canola photographs are "soul property" of Renee Dowling.
If you would like to purchase copies
 or use her photographs in any way, please contact her


  1. There is a LOT of canola out there this year ... there is definitely a 'sea of yellow' across the prairies!

  2. Shortly after I moved to Vancouver Island in the early 90's I started to miss the particular the canola fields! I missed the scent of the canola! There's nothing quite like it...imagine my surprise and sheer dorkiness when I came across a small field of canola!! Small field by the Prairie standards for sure! Nobody on Vancouver Island, who grew up there, could really understand my giddiness!! They're sure that the only really great smell is the salt air...I give them that, it is magnificent but it's nothing compared to the sea of yellow!

    Thanks for sharing a great memory for me Renee!

  3. Michelle,
    The picture book called, " If You're Not FromThe Prairie" comes to mind, "If you're not from the prairie, you don't know me, you can't know me..."

    I love Vancouver Island and I do love the sea air there. You are so lucky to have lived there.


    1. Oh, believe me, I feel blessed to have been able to call the Island my home for 20 years! It was a breathtaking experience in so many ways!


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