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Thursday, July 19, 2012

It Positively Worked!

It positively worked to drive to Grassy Lake!  We decided it was time to leave the acreage and have a change of scenery.  The day worked to get my son away from his texting and gaming, and into interesting conversation as he drove us to the refreshing lake.  He proved he is an excellent driver!  As a fourteen year old, he confidently travelled through construction on the highway and down washboard gravel roads.  He showed excellent navigation skills! We escaped the heat of the day by fishing in my dad's boat.  The breeze and the cool lake water saved us from melting! I also proved that my new flexible and light weight fishing rod actually works by pulling in a wonderful yellowy green walleye. My parents were excellent hosts, as usual, and were very flexible to make sure we had a lot of fishing time!  Of course, I couldn't resist taking photographs of pelicans, herons, and cormorants, as well as the big prairie sky!  Overall, the peaceful outing positively worked for entertaining, refreshing, rekindling conversation and relaxing us!

Listen To Me!

Let's Stick Together!

Grooming Island

Herons Belong Over There

Line Up!  One Two, One Two

Shake It!

Ah, Big Sky!

The photographs are "soul property" of Renee Dowling!
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  1. Any scenery that has pelicans is usually sweet! Pelicans are so funny! Glad you enjoyed your day! :)

    1. They are especially funny when they shake their heads and their beaks wobble!


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