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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Positively Western

Canada Day was a positively western experience!  We ventured through the early morning rain to Cypress Hills to see the Elkwater Rodeo.  It was the first time in several years that it hadn't been cancelled because of rain.  By the time we arrived, a rainbow graced the sky and the sun was shining.  There were so many beautiful patterns and colours throughout the day.  The hills were deep green.  The cowboy and cowgirl shirts were bold colours of blue, purple, orange and green.  The straw cowboy hats were tall, round, wide and brimmed with multicolored beads.  The horse blankets were geometric and complemented the horses' coats.  The clouds were whispy like the tails of the horses aned danced like the spinning ropes.  The hillsides were abloom with wild roses, geraniums and yarrow, as the butterflies flitted about. A positive western experience enhanced my Canada Day!


Fancy Sky, Fancy Shirts

Big, Round and Colourful

Soft Little Butterfly Kisses

The Hills Were Abloom

Butterfly and Geraniums

Colourful Like the Cowboy Shirts

Waitin' to Rope

Gettin' Ready to Team Rope

Horses To the East, Horses to the West...

Blue, Blue Everywhere!

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  1. Beautiful blog entry the flowers & butterflies! Such a nice counterpoint to the rest of the photoss. Love what you notice. Glad you came on Fri. Happy "summering"!

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed the evening. I love to learn about other people's processes and thinking when creating art !


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