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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Positive Moments

Positive moments occur in a split second, but they leave you thinking, "I am glad to be alive!"  I've captured little moments today, ones that I may not see again because I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. 

I Wonder If She'll Notice Me

The first positive moment is this little kitty sitting still long enough to catch a glimpse of it.  The kittens are at the stage right now where they are big enough to explore, wonder and move very quickly!  We haven't seen the new kittens for a few days, and one never knows what the mother will do with her kittens.  In the past, we've had kittens and the mom disappear for a whole month, and we never knew if or when they would return, so being able to catch this shot seems lucky to me!

The second positive moment that grasped my attention is the same little kitten looking up with those great big shiny blue eyes at the grey summer sky.  It seems to be smiling.  I can almost read its mind, "There's a great big world out there, and I need to get out there and explore!

There's A Great Big World Out There

Are You Ready?

The third positive moment is another cat moment.  I know what you are thinking, "This woman is the crazy cat lady!" but think what you like, this is my blog and I positively love my cats.  Hee-hee!  The way Jacques Cartier and Fluffy are looking at each other, I can hear them saying, "Well brother, it's that time of day.  Are you ready to wrestle?"

We're Ready!

The fourth moment that seized my attention is when they both looked at me as if declaring, "We're ready.  Get your camera ready.  We'll show those young whipper snappers in the barn how it's done!"

Oh, Brother!

The fifth little pause that positively possessed my peepers was the awkward and a little risque move that Jacques placed on Fluffy.  His paws are wrapped around Fluffy's neck while Fluffy looks up at me and meows, "Oh, brother, when will he stop.  He always has to show off.  Doesn't he know he is spread eagle and is exposing his down unders and that is not his best side?  He should show some modesty!"

Would You Please Stop?

The sixth special twinkle in time that spurred my imagination was this look Fluffy gave Jacques, "Listen Jacques, we've had our fun, now would you please stop?  I'm bored of this, I've got my eye on a robin in the corrals.  I'm out of here!"

If I Sit Still...

Since Fluffy was entertaining me with his gestures, I decided to follow him to see what other entertainment he would offer.  I hoisted myself off of the ground, readied my camera for a little journey, brushed my pants off, took a step to the gate, reached for the chain, and looked down... and to my amazement stood a robin, stock still.  My cat bounced exuberantly by and totally overlooked this red breasted fellow.  He remained there for several moments, giving me time to change camera settings several times.  Unbelievable!  Usually, at the first sight of humans and cats, robins flee!

What Just Happened?

The robin looked up at me and asked,"What just happened?  Your cat just sailed by me when I clearly heard him tell you he had a hankering for robin!"

This Is The Life!

I accompanied Fluffy to the far corrals, after he teased several other robins.  He jumped onto a stack of retired fence slats and made himself at home!    He licked his paws, then gazed into my camera and self-confessed, "This is the life!"

I have to agree with him, it's the little snippets of life that cause us to positively pause and celebrate being on this enchanting earth!

Cattail Faces

Even this cattail agrees! I spotted four furry and funny little muppet mouth moments on it?  The bottom mouth appears to be sucking the positive moments in through it's straw.  Can you see it?  I challenge you to find the other three mouths!

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There's Something About Those Eyes
I ask you to share one more moment of your time.  Here is a little kitty I have been acting nurse to. Its eyes keep sealing shut.  I wrap it up to give it comfort and wipe its eyes with warm water and a Q-tip.  There is something special about its eyes.  They seem almost human to me.

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