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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Positively Enjoyable Anniversary!

Today, Jeffrey and I had a positively enjoyable anniversary.  22 years ago, on a Saturday very much like today, rainy in the morning, but pleasant in the afternoon, Jeffrey and I said, "I do!"  Today, we didn't do anything fancy, but we spent the whole day together in Lethbridge, doing whatever we liked, and that made the occasion special.  We spent the day looking for a truck, visiting some of our favourite stores, watching our son getting ready for the Alberta Summer games, visiting with other football parents, snoozing in the Escape, strolling through the Galt park and eating at our favourite Chinese restaurant.   No  cooking, no dishes, no cleaning, just hanging out with my best friend.  Nothing fancy, but simply and positively enjoyable. What more could a gal want?

Galt Park

Nothing Fancy, But Yummy

It's About Time

Window Shopping


Cool Motorbike Reflects Shanghai Restaurant Sign

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  1. Happy Anniversary Renee! Wishing you and your hubby many, many, many more! Congrats!


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