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Monday, July 2, 2012

Positively Still!

The Air Stood Still

July's night air lounging and laying positively still, 
permitting the warm summer day to unwind
and play a prairie tune.

The Full Moon Listened Intently

The full moon,  
a tiny brown bird,
 a black hairy dog
stood still,
to the ensemble
in appreciation.

The Little Brown Bird Listened Too!

Every note of the prairie music
began dancing
 in our ears.
Orchestrating a symphony of sounds,
the prairie birds' chorus
 lead the first movement.

The Yellow-Headed Blackbird Sang Its Raspy Song

 The yellow-headed blackbird's low raspy notes 
 in a buzz,
called out
 to the cluster of mates
adjacent to the nearby stream,
 that night is drawing
Gurgling notes of the meadow lark's flute
richly and happily accompanied
the croaking
 blackbirds in the second movement.

The Power Lines Hummed

 Power lines vibrating,
 and humming
joined the musical composition
 in rhythm.

The Power Lines Vibrated
 and Kept Rhythm

Every mosquito buzzing,
Every cricket chirping,
Every pebble rolling,
Every dog stepping,
Every cat meowing,
Every horse snorting,
Could be heard in the prairie symphony tonight.

The Moon Was Enraptured

 Thank goodness the air was positively still!

The photographs accompanying Renee Dowling's poem
are "soul property" of Renee Dowling.
If you wish to use her photographs in any way,
please contact her at

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