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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Positive Coincidence!

Yesterday, a fellow blogger was following a hawk, what a positive coincidence! I was following a hawk yesterday too!  After a day of grey and rain, my dog and I ventured outside to enjoy the sunshine.  After our walk, I noticed a hawk sitting on a fence post near the irrigation canal.  Of course, the minute I don't have my camera, I notice something I need to photograph!  I ran into the house and deposited the dog and swapped her for my camera.  I slowly snuck outside with great hope and anticipation, and sure enough, the hawk was still there!

Enjoying the Sunlight

Suddenly a black bird swooping and dive bombing down at the the hawk, convinced the hawk to fly for relief.  The hawk lit and headed to the other side of the canal and my acreage.

Catch Me If You Can

Up and down, this way and that, the foes swept through the prairie sky!

Nearer and Nearer

The Fight Is On!

Quickly hiking and snapping photos, I made my way to the other side, when another ally of a different species joined in the war!

In Came Another!

A third bird joined the war brigade, further enticing the hawk!

Come On, Let's Get the Hawk!

The hawk darting and dashing, almost enjoying the challenge, landed in a nearby field on a fence post.  It sat still giving me time to catch up.  Once I arrived, the birds started their bombing again. Launching itself from the post, the hawk laughed and and disappeared out of sight. 

I called it quits and headed back to my yard, I had enough of the back and forth, back and forth journey.  Suddenly, the little birds in my trees were all a twitter.  Why?  The hawk was hiding somewhere in our cottonwood and willow trees!  I approached the mini forest, once again the little angry birds continued their war, the hawk lifted off and flew away! Ugh, I had just switched off my camera!  It just goes to show you the ol' folk saying is true, "One must travel far to discover what is near!"  Oh,well!

It is funny how we bloggers were both stalking a hawk yesterday!  Last night at first thought I decided not to post my photos because I thought they were too far way, but now that I have visited my blogger friend's site, I have changed my mind.  Because of the positive coincidence between my blogger friend and myself, I thought it worth all of our time to post the pictures and story!

Hopefully we can get close up photos of the hawk another day!

The story and photographs are "soul property" of Renee Dowling.
If you wish to use or purchase the story or photographs,
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