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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Echo Dale is Positively Beautiful!

This week's drawing lesson was at Echo Dale, a positively beautiful place to be, especially at sunset.  The focus of this week's lesson was gesture drawings.  Gesture drawings are supposed to be very fast, thirty seconds to one minute in length, to capture the essence of a person or thing.  I spent the evening, drawing families and other artists, and that was positively fun.  I have never done that before.  It is challenging, since little children and their parents do not spend a lot of time standing or sitting still.  The idea of capturing bigger shapes and the feelings of people is new to me, as I usually draw things from nature and often use photographs.  I will continue to practise this week in Lethbridge at the Summer Games.  When I feel satisfied, I will share them with you! 

After my lesson, I decided to stay a while to photograph the cliffs.  They are so beautiful.  My first goal was to concentrate on the shapes, I guess to capture their gestures, especially since the sun was going to bed and hiding behind the distant cliffs.



I was fascinated with the large round bales in the foreground, but also with the sky, as usual! 


The funny thing is I was thinking that I wished I had more sunlight, then as fast as you can count... one, two, three, four, five, the sunset delighted my eyes and camera by kissing the earth with red!


The longer I stayed, the redder the cliffs, the hills became and the longer, and longer the shadows became.
(Is redder a word???)

The Shadow of Me

The Shadows Grew Longer and Longer, Can You Find Me?

I am usually camera shy, but I couldn't resist playing with the sun! I am in a lot of photos.  I am quite tall in a few!


Work It!

The sun created a breathtaking red sky!  Gosh, I thought I was in heaven!  I have never seen the sky so red.  Now, I get it.  The prairie art that I saw at the Calgary Stampede last year, now makes sense to me.  I know I have said it before, but now I understand where the artists got their funny abstract skies from...nature... the colours and shapes are really there.  All one has to do is just look! 

Growing Red Sky

Red, Red, Red

The Sun Painted the Sky

The Old Man Rested in Bed and Pondered The Beauty 

Can you see the outline of a face in the hills?

With the sun resting its head on its earthen pillow, it began to dream and the sky creatures came out to play, celebrating the day and welcoming the night!

Sky Creatures

They Danced in a Circle!

Puppy Dog Dreams

Echo Dale is positively a majestic place to capture the magnificence of nature! 


The photographs are "soul property" or Renee Dowling.
If you would like to use or purchase them, please contact her at


  1. Positively breathe taking photos Renee!!!!!
    It is so wonderful to be able to see such beauty in all things that are right before our eyes.


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