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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Red Rock Coulee is Positively "Snaky", Post 3

On the welcome sign to Red Rock Coulee, there is a sign warning you that this is rattlesnake country. Needless to say, one would be wise to keep her eyes down on the ground and her ears open for the characteristic rattling sound.

As well as diverse vegetation, one can find other interesting things on the ground while looking out for rattlesnakes!  Here are some positively snaky things we spotted:

The ground was littered with these grey snakelike branches that twisted and turned teasing our eyes to believe maybe we are not alone!


Our imaginations ran wild!

Is that a face I see?

Snake Face

Beautiful pinks, purples, greens and blues

Snakes like to hide under rocks.  I asked my son if he was sure he wanted to sit on the beautiful snake country rock!

Near the end of our journey we discovered this curious finding:

Did the snakes leave their rattle?  TTTTTTTT!

Do rattlesnakes, dinosaurs and aliens bowl?

Colours of Summer

Red Rock Coulee is a grand place to go.  Every time we venture there, we find new things to stimulate our senses.  It is ever changing and ever beautiful.  What a positive place to visit!


  1. The things you can find when you keep your eyes wide open .... Love seeing what you encounter on your journeys!

  2. I have positively enjoyed your Red Rock Coulee posts and realize I positively need to visit it once again ... perhaps before the snow flies!


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