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Friday, July 5, 2013

Positively Mysterious, Who am I? No.3

Positively Mysterious, Who am I?  No.3

Finally I have finished another positively mysterious piece.  The idea behind this art is to draw detailed up close sections of a photograph as if I am looking through a magnifying glass, and you try to make inferences as to what you think the circles are representing.

The photograph that inspired this piece is one that a fellow blogger graciously sent me to use in collaboration.  I will not reveal who sent the picture because I want to see if the blogger can identify the picture without me telling her/him.

Click here to read more about the process and how the idea came about.

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Positively Mysterious, Who am I? No.1
Positively Mysterious, Who am I? No.2
Here is Positively Mysterious, Who am I? No.3, (not matted):

I would love to hear what your inferences are.  Please leave your ideas in the comment section.

If you have a photograph that you would like me to create another Positively Mysterious piece of art with,
I would love to work with you.  Please send me a copy of your photograph at,
or you can send me a link to a photograph of your own that you have posted on-line!

When the whole series is complete, I will reveal all of the answers and give credit to all of the photographers who contributed.  I am hoping to do two things with the series:
1.  Create a wall of Positively Mysterious art.
2.  Create a picture book.


  1. hello,

    your circles with their wonderful details are awesome. really fun to see and take to heart.

    thank you for your visit. as for DC (drawing challenge), it is hosted by a group of artists, they seem to each take turns with a new word or words each week. i volunteered to host this week with my word. the artists will each post some time this weekend. sometimes some one posts late, during the week. there are less people with all the summer activities going on. so next week someone else will host with a new theme. i don't even know who it will be yet. i find the participants to share interesting things, not always drawings. most participants seem to be in Europe, so i posted Friday being the host. lovely weekend to you.

    1. Thanks, Tammie!

      I will have to check out the links again!

  2. I've just looked through your previous mysterious drawings and I have to say I think this is the most difficult yet! I think it could be a slug, but the circle on the right-hand side looks like a human fingerprint. Tricky! I love this idea though, thank you!

    1. Thanks for visiting. This one is tricky. The one thing that makes one of the objects distinctive is its colour and that is hard to show in pen and ink.

      You are very observant. If we were playing, "I Spy" and would have to say you are "hot" with one of your inferences!

  3. Oh my ... this is so much easier when you are familiar with the 'possible image' to begin with! (I'm in trouble if it's mine ... I'm sure it isn't ... Haha ... I hope not as it means I have a very bad memory!) I too, see a finger print but I also see the veins of a leaf, the hairy stem of the plant, the seed pod ... it reminds of a brown seed pod (I, for the life of me can't think of the name right now but it's rather large and you can shake it, you often see them in dried flower arrangements!). I'm going with a plant but I'm still trying to figure out how the finger print fits in! :)

    1. You are "very hot" about seeing a leaf. The fingerprint is "very connected" to the circles on the left side and the one above it.

      What type of plant?


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