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Friday, July 19, 2013

Positively Diverse Vegetation in Red Rock Coulee, Post 2

Along with the ravishing red rock at Red Rock Coulee is a diverse population of vegetation.  Upon first arrival from the top of the coulee, all one can view at this time of year is what appears to be is green grass and sage, but upon closer inspection, one is left baffled at the the variety of plant life.  Here have
a peek:

Sage Growing on a  Boulder


Alberta Wild Rose- Provincial Flower

Low Growing Juniper- Smells as Fresh as Mountain Air

Lichen Growing on the Mud Cracked Ground

More Lichen

Seed Pod Sculpture

Blanket Flower, Sage, Yarrow, Wild Rose...

Low Growing Berries

Black-Eyed Susan

Pretty Blue Bells

Fluffy and Dramatic

Lovely Lichen on the Rocks!

This positively diverse vegetation add another dimension to the ravishing red rock at Red Rock Coulee!

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