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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fishing is Positively Relaxing

Well, we have spent the past few days trying to fish.  The fish were so small, but it isn't really about catching fish, although perch are positively yummy, it is about being with family, taking time to relax and appreciate the great outdoors.

On this particular day in the photo above, the wind was so strong that there were white caps, so I spent the day looking towards the water on shore, instead of on a boat looking towards shore.  My camera was busy though, taking shots of the water, the rocks and any bird that happened to perform for us.  My dad and I spent a long time sitting on the waters edge talking about many things.  Something unusual for us quiet, introspective types!

As you can tell from the above photo,the sky did clear up and the sun decided to shine in the evening.  This yellow fellow posed perfectly for me!  Mr.Robin strutted around showing off  his very red breast!

This blue beauty below was comfortable showing off too.  His relatives were very prolific in this area.  Across the prairie grass were tiny dots of blue, the dragonflies making the field look like a field of blue flax.
For some reason, blogger keeps flipping this photo.  Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

The next day we managed to go fishing again, but no keepers.  My favourite part of boating is watching the interesting water sculptures when we head back to shore. There were absolutely no waves on this day, so peaceful!

Here is Tucker feeling so proud of himself.  He was fortunate enough to come on the boat with us.  A good idea?  Well, maybe if you are not trying to catch perch.  He felt obliged to help my dad get the 10 centimetre "long" perch off of his hook by putting the perch with the hook still in its mouth in his mouth!  

Tucker puts his nose in the air and sniffs.  Sometimes he closes his eyes and just sniffs.  You know how humans do when they first step out into the fresh morning air when in the wilderness?

Fishing is positively relaxing.  Thanks, Mom for puppy sitting and Bryan and Dad for the fishing!


  1. Sounds like a great day! I love all of your shots, especially your water shots! They are so tangible!!! Tucker is very regal!

    1. A great day indeed! The water shots are my favourite too! Ahhhh, so refreshing! Tucker is regal at times, and a stinker at others. Thanks, Terri!


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