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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Canada Day is Positively Full of Stars!

I welcomed July 1st, Canada Day, Canada's National birthday (1867) in the wee hours of the morning star gazing, and ended the night star gazing too!  The sky was positively clear and star filled morning and night!

Since I kind of learned how to take pictures in the dark after the Northern Lights adventure three nights ago, I headed outside with my Canon camera and long pants, a coat and hood zipped up, socks and shoes, leaving no skin exposed to the pesky mosquitoes, then decided to turn the auto focus off, change the ISO to 1600, and set the camera on a tripod to try to capture the stars.  The trees appear as orange, amazing even though they are bright green during the day!

My garden, house and trees took on a spacey landscape look with a path leading one's eye up to the middle of the starry sky!

I repeated the same process, mosquito proofing and camera set up in the the evening.  This is where we watched the Canada fireworks display.  The teepee is the world's tallest teepee that had its debut at the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988.  This picture is spiritual in nature as I figured out the exposure.

The stars in the night sky are fireworks of white, orange, green and red!

O' Canada, Happy Birthday!  What a positively delightful day filled with stars!


  1. Great job capturing the stars Renee! Love the fireworks! Awesome!

  2. Thanks, someone I know had stars on her blog, and she was the inspiration...hint, was you!

    1. Awe ... thanks Renee! I am so far behind on my commenting and replies but I wanted to pass along a couple of hints if its okay! For your 'teepee shot' ... use your tripod and make sure your camera is on manual (no auto focus... your camera will constantly be searching for a focal point this is also true for star shots). Use a 30sec exposure, ISO 100, and an apeture of f16. This is a wonderful setting for cityscapes as it gives you really sweet 'starbursts' off the lights! Try it and let me know what you think!

    2. I don't mind at all! I want to learn all I can! Thanks! I will write down the tips in my little memo pad that I keep in my camera case, and I will try them! I finally just figured out that I needed to turn off the manual focus and remembered to actually bring and set up my tripod, so now I have to read my manual and figure out how to adjust the exposure time and aperture adjustments! Your tips sound like I could finally get some really cool cityscapes... 'Starbursts" off the lights...Yummy! You are great!


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