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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another Positively Wonderful Summer Night!

What another positively wonderful summer night kayaking!

The pond was as calm as can be, the sun was shining and we had the whole pond to ourselves.  

Well... almost to ourselves.

At first, from a distance I thought this fellow was a muskrat, but when we got closer and  witnessed him getting out of the water and grab a branch, we knew he was positively a beaver!   I don't know if it was a him, so I will just call it a him!

He was very comfortable around us, and let us follow him for about two hours.  Fortunately, I had my cell phone with!  I am not brave enough to bring my fancy camera on the kayak with me.  The photos could be clearer, but this is the best that I have.

I kept imagining the beaver getting angry with us and swimming under the kayaks and flipping them on us!  Of course, that didn't happen, he was more interested in the luscious branches and berries than us.  We were able to get so close that if we had extended our paddles,we could have touched the beaver!

Here is a video of him chomping down.

My son was lounging on the kayak with his feet dangling over the edge.  The beaver silently swam over to him and they had a stare down, face to face, about half of a metre away from each other! What a character!

The sun began to get ready for bed, and it was time for us to depart. We said good night to the beaver and off we ventured home!   What a magical sky!  All kinds of mythical creatures appeared.

It was positively another wonderful magical summer night!


  1. Those words are certainly true: magical .....

  2. Love your sunset images! Beautiful!!! I must inquire how you load your video??

    1. I've tried different ways, but last night I uploaded through YouTube first. (My video was sideways on the screen, and YouTube rotated it automatically. Apparently, Movie Maker can do that too, but my computer wouldn't let me upload it because the school district techies messed up with my administrator rights.) YouTube gives you an URL to copy and past. Then right beside the upload photo icon on blogger, there is an icon that movie producers use for writing how many takes the actors are needing, click on that, then you can select where you want to upload your video from. I chose YouTube then pasted in the URL and then upload.

      I tried uploading right from my computer files, but it takes along time. YouTube compresses the video so it uploads faster.


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