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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Positively Sudden

 I was inside painting, when the phone rang.  The call was from my husband who was at the barn working with our horses.  He said to grab the camera because I might like the contrast between the dark blue sky and the golden fields to the north of our house. He was right!  The clouds came in positively suddenly and disappeared just as quickly.  I took about ten shots before the mini storm hit...a strong cold north wind, thunder, sleet and a bit of rain. I dashed to the barn to help clean up the riding tack and to take shelter.

Notice the faces in the clouds? 

Taking refuge in the barn, look what we found.  Jeepers, that stray mother cat had another litter!  We are going to have to figure out how to catch her, she is a wild one, literally and figuratively!  She gets around, if you know what I mean.  

We  must have a cat aura around the barn.  Two other cats have been hanging around too!  With this new litter and the regulars, that makes 14 cats, 16 if you count the newest two furry vagrants!!!    Oh, boy... I will have to get a second job to feed these critters!  It is time to get serious and find homes for all of  these frisky cats.  They really are cute though... With this positively sudden storm, you could say it did rain cats, thank goodness it didn't rain dogs!  Heehee!

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  1. NICE!!!! And what a good husband!! Gotta love when we get them trained! LOL! (don't tell your hubby I said that ... haha!) Love the storm clouds and the contrast ... but how did you evade more of the white stuff????

  2. It is great when hubbies know us so well, isn't it. Wouldn't want to be a newlywed and have to start the learning all over again! I ran really hard and yelled when the mini storm came and it seemed to chase it away! Heehee!

  3. Love these dramatic shots! And of course the little kittens:)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I appreciate them!

  4. such gorgeous stormy images!! wahoo.
    such cute kitties too, yep best to have the wild cat fixed...


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