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Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Positively Divine Dead End!

When people declare that they are at a dead end, it usually means that they have nowhere to go, or have given up.  That's how I felt in the morning when I awoke to snow again!  Luckily, by noon the snow had melted and I mustered up the strength by supper time to get outside and get past the dead end feeling that I had in the morning.

I found an absolutely divine dead end and I was very pleased that I had nowhere else to go!

Last night, I hopped in my vehicle and ventured off once again to discover places I have never thought of going to.  You would think after twenty years of living in an area, one would have already uncovered all of the secrets of the land.  Over the past few years, and especially now, I have decided not to rely on others to show me new places, but to be brave and explore on my own.

Until recently, my dog has always given me that added strength of comfort that I could go somewhere and be "protected" and not alone.  Now, however, I only have myself and my cell phone.  I pay more attention to where I am, just in case I have to call home for a rescue...such as a flat tire or a pull out of the mud.

Since the positively spontaneous adventure with my son, I thought I would find another dead end at the end of an undiscovered range road.  I knew that if I headed west and north, that I would find the river, but I had no idea what the area would look like.  Have a peek.  I am sure you will agree that I found a positively divine dead end!

Gorgeous Cliffs

Cactus and Beetle Surprise

River Valley

Barbed Wire Fence and Splendid Hills

Reminds Me of Drumheller

I can't wait till the fragrance of the sage returns!

Prairie Rocks

The Sage Kept Luring My Eyes

Sage Framing the Valley

Sage Soaking in the Setting Sun

Clouds Dancing

Back At Home to the Last Easter Egg

All images are soul property of Renee Dowling.


  1. What gorgeous vantage points! Do tell!!! I love heading out and not knowing what you'll see! Beauty is truly everywhere. :)

  2. You 'll have to come in the summer and I'll reveal the spot!

  3. These pictures are amazing! You live in a beautiful part of the world ....

  4. I have come to love this part of the world dearly! Thanks for your kind words and for visiting, Denthe!

  5. Beautiful work. My favourites are the Gorgeous Cliffs and Prairie Rocks. I like the way you use subdued colour and emphasise texture.


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