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My focus is exploring, creating and reflecting upon the positives of life and connecting them to my art whether it be photography, pen and ink drawings, watercolour paintings, mixed media, digital media or any other possible media I dive into!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Positively Pinkish Prairie

The river valley in the prairies in spring is very golden and brown. Here is an iPad drawing using my Paper 53 app. It is a compilation of some of my photographs that I took on Tuesday. The magnificent bendy Plains Cottonwood trees and the ancient clay cliffs, the white clean ice floating down the sparking blue South Saskatchewan River and the reddish Prickly Rose bushes poking out of the tall yellow grasses, a trampled down path created by plentiful deer and the heavy winter snowfall, all help to create this composition. At just the right moment at sunset, a positively pinkish hue makes the prairie glow!


  1. Oh my Renee! I just love your work! So creative and reflective! Your new blog avatar is wonderful! I love that kind of art! I once did a birthday card for my daughter like that! So much to look at!
    I wish I could commit to my blog the way you do yours! So lovely!
    Happy Spring to you...maybe we'll run into each other soon at a family gathering? If not, come by anytime for tea!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. Tea would be very nice. I love tea! I have missed your blogs!


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