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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Positively Signs of Spring

Sign of Spring
A beautiful night full of sunshine, no wind, grass greening, bees buzzing, meadow larks calling, robins chirping, clouds reflecting in the still water, all showcasing as signs of spring.

The clouds reflecting in the water are a sure sign of spring.  No more ice!!!

I threw a rock into the dugout to get these ripples.  If you stare long enough, there is a 3-D effect, and you don't need 3-D glasses!

Optical Illusions

The ripples created magnificent Impressionistic reflections.  Don't you just love Spring, full of movement and life?!

Impressionist Reflections

Spring Movement of Life

Another true sign of Spring is when little tiny miracles appear.  This spider is less than 1mm in diameter.  How can something so small create such an elaborate web?

Mini yellowy orange spider and web

The kitten population continues to grow.  How peaceful this one looks cuddling in the warm barn with all of its brothers, sisters and cousins!

There are now eight that we can find.

The two mother cats piled their two litters together to make a heap of kittens.  The blurry cat is the most active and kept moving around.  The little black tabbies and the little black one on the right are only a day old and are cousins to all of the orange/spotted kittens.  Don't you want one or eight?

These are all positively signs of Spring!


  1. Look at your green grass!!!!! *sigh* ... Ours will catch up! LOL!

  2. These photographs are beautiful Renee! Especially those ripples.... And the kittens are adorable :-)

  3. Hello Renee! Thank you for your visit to my blog. THank you for leaving such a positive note. I appreciate it. I am sorry your dad is going through a hard time. It's hard to see loved one suffer. Lets stay positive and pray for them not to suffer. This blog post of yours is so positive and refreshing! Spring is in the air. we still have a bit of a chill in the air. i look forward to warmth. :D have a lovely weekend!!!!

  4. Thanks everyone for visiting and for your comments. I cherish them !


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